Federal Hill Foods

Our brand was launched in the year 2001 with the intent to share flavors of food created my grandparents who emigrated in West Virginia in 1907. Enjoy them as much as we do because family traditions are the link to new generations. We are in a store near you, and if not please refer us to your favorite supermarket of specialty store.

Federal Hill Foods Sunday Gravy

Classic Tomato Sauce (Sunday Gravy)

Our Federal Hill Sunday Gravy used on pasta, protein, vegetables and much more.

  • Price: $7.95

Fra Diavola Sauce (Sunday Gravy)

Fra Diavolo (Italian for "Brother Devil")

  • Price: $7.95

Puttanesca Sauce (Sunday Gravy)

Puttanesca sauce , most often employed for pasta, originated in Naples.

  • Price: $7.95

Marinara Sauce (Sunday Gravy)

The vegetable and tomato sauce version of our Federal Hill Sunday Gravy.

  • Price: $7.95


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