Miele di Millefiori al naturale

Honey has long been known as "Liquid Gold". Before the world was introduced to cane sugar, honey was the predominant ingredient used for sweetening and, with over 1500 calories per pound, an important source of energy. In fact, to the ancients of Egypt and Greece, honey was a prized commodity that was used as a medium of exchange. Our Millefiori (1000 Flower) Honey is derived from vast fields of Tuscan wildflowers that give it a full floral aroma and a well-rounded, sweet character. It has a deep, lemony color and a thick granular texture, as many European honeys do. It makes a perfect glaze for chicken or a delicious topping for crusty Italian bread

Miele di Millefiori al naturale
  • Item #: Honey-Millefiori
  • Manufacturer: Potenza Imports
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