Olio Santo - Hot oil "Holy Oil"

Olio Santo transalated into "Holy Oil", is perfecly spiced with hot chili pepper for a period of 90 days which inparts fragrance and color. Now enjoy Chef Walters' famous Leccino Extra virgin Olive oil from his family farms in Abruzzo. This spectacular product is not a blend, but a single cultivar, and suitable for your finest recipes. Use as condiment for signature drizzling, to add fresh olive taste to your most sophisticated dishes preparations. Do not fry with this outstanding extra virgin. "Holy Oil" Spicy hot olive oil. Family owned olive growers estate nested in the soft hills of the city of Teramo in the Abruzzo region in Italy. This Leccino single varietal extra virgin is of limited quantity...only three tons per year.


Olio Santo "Holy Oil" from Abruzzo
  • Item #: Olio Santo-Spicy Olive oil
  • Manufacturer: Walter Potenza manufacturing company
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