Our Bakery


House-made cookies and sweets following original Italian recipes passed on through times. All-natural ingredients without additives. Specialties from our kitchens to yours for your health and enjoyment. All natural ingredients and quality procedures. Made to order for optimum freshness.

Biscotti di vino / Wine biscuits

A traditional family recipe from the region of Abruzzo.

  • Price: $18.99

Hamantaschen with apricots

Hamantaschen are also called "oznay Haman," which means "Haman's ears" in Hebrew

  • Price: $27.00


Mostaccioli are typical Neapolitan cookies, also common through Southern Italy.

  • Price: $27.00

Crumiri Cookies

Crumiri, sometimes spelled krumiri, are traditional Italian cookies that hail from the Piedmont region.

  • Price: $23.99

Pinoli Cookies

Pinoli cookies are a traditional cookie that falls into the macaroon family.

  • Price: $26.99