Professional Culinary Training Curriculum

Professional Chefs / Baker Program

12 weeks / 25 hours per week / 300 total learning hours

CWCS emphasizes a classic curriculum that combines a theoretical foundation with demonstration and hands-on training, which will provide invaluable experience for a successfull career in the hospitality industry.

Course work covers not only basic cooking and pastry skills, but also elements of running a kitchen, including purchasing, cost control and basic business acumen. Courses are taught in professional kitchens and dining rooms by experienced instructors, many of whom have years of experience as chefs or in the restaurant industry.

Culinary Arts

This program focuses on three main principles: practice, theory, and the art of cooking. Students spend 300 hours in the kitchen / classroom, and will learn how to cook quickly and efficiently by using various cooking and tasting methods.

Pastry and Baking Arts

The curriculum for this program uses a five-point model of theory, technique, teamwork, speed, and palate training. Students will receive 30 hours of instruction, along with 270 hours of hands-on training in a kitchen.

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Professional Culinary Training Curriculum
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